Patrick Swayze Called His Life an ‘Amazing Ride’

Seeking to discover whether or not he made a mark on this world, Patrick Swayze penned his memoir, The Time of My Life, earlier this year as he was being treated for pancreatic cancer. The actor, who died Monday at age 57, co-wrote the book with his wife Lisa Niemi, and in it reveals how […]

The Strongest U.S. Housing Markets

They’re easy to overlook, with home prices plunging from Manhattan to Los Angeles and almost everywhere in between. But look at the smaller metros where housing bubbles never took shape, and you’ll find some of today’s strongest markets. Boulder, Colo.; Fayetteville, N.C.; Pittsburgh; Little Rock; and other slow-but-steady metros are now among the nation’s safest […]

U.S. Government Shutting Down

U.S. defense companies are quietly preparing for a potential federal government shutdown in the coming months should Congress fail to pass a fiscal year 2011 budget or extend an existing continuing resolution, an analyst warned Feb. 10. With the current continuing resolution set to expire the first week of March, these companies are re-examining their […]

F-35 Program

Gates Tries to Get F-35 Program Back on Course The Joint Strike Fighter was supposed to be the program that broke the mold, proof that the Pentagon could build something affordable, dependable and without much drama. But rather than being the Chevrolet of the skies, as it was once billed, the fighter plane, also called […]

Maria Schneider

French actress Maria Schneider, star of “Last Tango in Paris”, died in Paris following a long illness on February 3, 2011 Widgets