Italy’s blue mozzarella cheese mystery

Italian police confiscated some 70,000 balls of mozzarella in Turin after consumers noticed the milky-white cheese quickly developed a bluish tint when the package was opened, authorities said Saturday. Agriculture Minister Giancarlo Galan ordered ministry laboratories to investigate what he called a “disturbing” development. State TV said a woman in Turin called police after noticing […]

Gay-Friendly McDonald’s Ad Goes Viral

A new commercial for McDonald’s in France is generating a tremendous amount of Buzz online. In the spot, a teenage boy sits in a McDonald’s booth, looking at his class picture, when his phone rings. “I was just thinking about you,” he says, with obvious affection. “I miss you, too” he replies, and then says […]

For the Dishwasher’s Sake

I’ve been writing on some weighty topics lately — too little money, too many choices, too few jobs. It’s time, I decided, to move on to some questions that haunt me almost every day. How much soap should I put in my washing machine and dishwasher? Do I need to do more for my dryer […]

Healthy Food, Fast

New York City is number one again – this time they’re the first city in the U.S. to require major fast food restaurants to post the calorie content of all their menu items. The chains have had nutrition facts available for a long time, but now the calories are actually posted – prominently. Here’s an […]

Obama Playing with Fire

Obama Playing with Fire: U.S. Will Lose Trade War with China, Pento Says President Barack Obama said on Monday he was “absolutely” certain the United States and China could avoid a trade war after slapping a 35% anti-dumping tariff on Chinese tire exports. Let’s hope he’s right. The U.S. is engaging in a potentially dangerous […]