Weird Things You Should Freeze to Save Money

That icy vault was packed to the brim. But — in the finest tradition of my Grandma Yeager — it wasn’t filled so much with leftovers, like you’d find in most household freezers. You see, my Grams had a few deep-frozen secrets. She knew about weird stuff; weird stuff you can deep-six in the freezer […]

Easy Tricks to Remember Numbers, Codes, Passwords

Everyone today wants you to memorize something. Here’s how. In today’s digital society, we’re constantly being inundated with new numbers: telephone numbers, credit and debit card numbers, ZIP codes, PINs, passcodes and more. Even if you program everything into your iPhone or Blackberry, it’s still going to be easier — and more secure — to […]

Saving Is Something You Should Do Every Day

Americans have forgotten how to save in recent years. First, we came to regard the stock market as our piggy bank; if we needed a little spending money, surely we could always sell a few shares of stock or a bit of a mutual fund at a profit. Then, we viewed our houses as money […]

VOIP – VOIP Switch Servers

Dedicated Server is perfect for eCommerce, multimedia, gaming, VOIP, Voip Switch and other sites that need advanced performance, reliability and control. Choose from pre-designed Windows 2008 and Linux plans featuring multi-core processors, enhanced options like managed backups and much more – or build your own server for customized results. NEW features now available for your […]

Weakest Life & Health Insurers in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($) Ability Ins Co NE 257,201,027 Adams Life Ins Co AL 2,435,788 Admiral Life Ins Co Of America AZ 14,132,897 Advanta Life Ins Co AZ 4,413,280 AGL Life Assurance Co PA 4,083,655,061 Alabama Life Reins Co Inc AL 46,374,350 Amalgamated Life & Health Ins Co IL […]

Strongest Property & Casualty in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($) United Services Automobile Asn TX 20,014,820,711 USAA Casualty Ins Co TX 6,498,502,225 Hastings Mutual Ins Co MI 610,113,862 Interins Exch Of The Automobile Club CA 5,640,170,932 Dairyland Ins Co WI 1,231,187,238 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins Ltd NY 1,625,038,198 Tennessee Farmers Mutual Ins Co […]

Scams That Exploit Hard Times

Work-At-Home Offers Counterfeit Prescriptions Mystery Shopper Scam Credit-Card Chicanery Guaranteed High-Yield Investments “You’re A Winner” Notices Nigerian-Style E-mails From Everywhere Garage Sale Payments Property Tax Reduction Services Widgets

Insider Secrets to Get Your Resume Read

It’s becoming harder than ever to get your resume read by a real person. “HR people are drowning in resumes, and despite their best intentions, many can’t keep up,” says executive recruiter Mike Travis. Help your resume win the attention it deserves by following these up-to-date tips from industry insiders. * “Keep it shorter, tighter, […]

Can foreigners buy U.S. citizenship?

American / U.S. Citizenship For Sale ? Every day investors around the world choose to put their hard-earned cash into the U.S. Billions of dollars flow in the form of foreign direct investment, as when a group of Brazilians bought Burger King, and foreigners purchase hundreds of billions of U.S. stocks and bonds, as measured […]

Crafting The US NO-Fly List

It starts with a tip, a scrap of intelligence, a fingerprint lifted from a suspected terrorist’s home. It ends when a person is forbidden to board an airplane — a decision that’s in the hands of about six experts from the Transportation Security Administration. The no-fly list they oversee constantly changes as hundreds of analysts […]