Can foreigners buy U.S. citizenship?

American / U.S. Citizenship For Sale ? Every day investors around the world choose to put their hard-earned cash into the U.S. Billions of dollars flow in the form of foreign direct investment, as when a group of Brazilians bought Burger King, and foreigners purchase hundreds of billions of U.S. stocks and bonds, as measured […]

Raffle winner sells $1.2 million home at a bargain

Church’s $650,000 offer for Edgewater property eases hefty tax burden A Colorado woman who won a $1.2 million home in Edgewater in a $50-a-ticket raffle in January has sold the property to a Severna Park church at a bargain-basement price. “Hooray, finally!” said Karen McHale, 47, who lives in a home she built with her […]

Crafting The US NO-Fly List

It starts with a tip, a scrap of intelligence, a fingerprint lifted from a suspected terrorist’s home. It ends when a person is forbidden to board an airplane — a decision that’s in the hands of about six experts from the Transportation Security Administration. The no-fly list they oversee constantly changes as hundreds of analysts […]

1962 invention could be worth billions

1962 glass could be Corning’s next bonanza seller Sturdy Corning glass from 1962 could be a multibillion winner in frameless TV market An ultra-strong glass that has been looking for a purpose since its invention in 1962 is poised to become a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Corning Inc. The 159-year-old glass pioneer is ramping up production […]

Child TV star Gary Coleman hospitalized in Utah

Former child television star Gary Coleman is in critical condition in Utah, a spokeswoman for the hospital said Thursday. Utah Valley Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Janet Frank said Coleman, 42, was admitted to the Provo facility on Wednesday but she couldn’t release any other details. Coleman lives in Santaquin, which is 55 miles south of […]

Diff’rent Strokes Conrad Bain

Conrad Bain Conrad Bain was born February 4, 1923 in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.  Wryly humorous Canadian character actor Conrad Bain was all wrapped up in such athletic pursuits as hockey and speed skating when, in his junior year of high school, he suddenly became fascinated with acting. He studied at Alberta’s Banff School of Fine […]

Places to Take the Kids Before They Grow Up

Lost Colony, Roanoke Island Roanoke Island Near Manteo, N.C. The book 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up takes you across town and around the globe to 500 of the most exciting places on earth. In this selection of 35 destinations, we cover highlights from seven categories that will inspire even the […]

Doomsday shelters making a comeback

Doomsday shelters making a comeback Jason Hodge, father of four children from Barstow, Calif., says he’s “not paranoid” but he is concerned, and that’s why he bought space in what might be labeled a doomsday shelter. Hodge bought into the first of a proposed nationwide group of 20 fortified, underground shelters — the Vivos shelter […]

Actor Dennis Hopper remembered

Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer were among the actors who joined dozens of Dennis Hopper’s relatives, friends and Taos locals to remember the two-time Oscar nominee at a memorial Mass on Wednesday in New Mexico. Hopper’s simple wooden coffin was ushered into the adobe chapel at historic San Francisco de Asis church. Hopper, who was […]

For the Dishwasher’s Sake

I’ve been writing on some weighty topics lately — too little money, too many choices, too few jobs. It’s time, I decided, to move on to some questions that haunt me almost every day. How much soap should I put in my washing machine and dishwasher? Do I need to do more for my dryer […]