Campaign For Mixed Marriages

China is offering cash rewards for interracial marriages in its troubled Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, according to news reports, mirroring a policy now being promoted in Tibet. President Xi Jinping has responded to ethnic unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet with a familiar strategy: putting in place suffocating security controls and promising significant investment in development […]

John A. Walker Jr

A former American sailor convicted during the Cold War of leading a family spy ring for the Soviet Union has died in a prison hospital in North Carolina, officials said Friday. Retired Navy Warrant Officer John A. Walker Jr. died Thursday at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke […]

Lady al-Qaeda

Amid the kidnappings, the demands for riches and the executions, a name of controversy and conspiracy has reemerged: Aafia Siddiqui. Once called the “most wanted woman in the world,” she is now more widely known as “Lady al-Qaeda.” And Islamic State leaders wants their lady back. They want her back so badly, jihadists said they […]

Douglas McAuthur McCain

An American man suspected of fighting alongside Islamic State militants who have seized large areas of Iraq and Syria to the alarm of the Baghdad government and its allies in the West has been killed in Syria, a U.S. official said on Tuesday. “We were aware of U.S. Citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain’s presence in Syria […]

The Great Chinese Exodus

Even when the emperors did their utmost to keep them at home, the Chinese ventured overseas in search of knowledge, fortune and adventure. Manchu Qing rulers thought those who left must be criminals or conspirators and once forced the entire coastal population of southern China to move at least 10 miles inland. But even that […]

Corporate Ladder

The sequence of a career used to be so simple For most of the twentieth century, the defining feature was stability. An employee could work in the same industry throughout his entire adult life, often in the same company and sometimes even in the same department. There were recognizable milestones on the course toward retirement: […]

European Parliament

Well, that was brief. Just months into a much-needed respite from incessant bad news, things aren’t looking so hot in Europe again. Some of the continent’s most important growth indicators have fallen in recent months, fueling concern among investors that its nascent recovery could stall. Another slump would return focus to peripheral countries’ debt repayment […]

Bans On All U.S. Food, EU Fruit And Vegetables

Russia will ban all imports of food from the United States and all fruit and vegetables from Europe, the state news agency reported on Wednesday, a sweeping response to Western sanctions imposed over its support for rebels in Ukraine. The measures will hit consumers at home who rely on cheap imports, and on farmers in […]

Beards, Veils Ban

A city in China’s restive western region of Xinjiang has banned people with head scarves, veils and long beards from boarding buses, as the government battles unrest with a policy that critics said discriminates against Muslims. Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur people who speak a Turkic language, has been beset for years by violence […]

North Korea Falling Apart

Sometime in June, a North Korean pilot taxied his supersonic fighter to the runway for a routine training flight. The pilot, one of North Korea’s military elite, powered up his engines and took off with a roar from Koksan Air Base. Moments later, his plane tumbled out of the sky. It was the second North […]