Israel Spied On Kerry

US Secretary of State John KerryGerman magazine reported on Sunday that Israel and at least one other intelligence agency were listening in on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s unsecured phone calls last year when he was holding nearly daily negotiations for peace with various leaders in the Middle East.

The magazine cited “several sources from intelligence circles” as saying that although Kerry has a secure phone at his mansion in Georgetown, while he was traveling and needed to make a quick phone call, he sometimes used an ordinary telephone that the intelligence agencies listened in on.

“A large number of these conversations, which went via satellite, were listened to by at least two intelligence agencies, including the Israelis,” the magazine wrote. “It is probable that the Russians and Chinese were also listening in.”


The magazine said that Israel thus often knew precisely what Kerry was talking to the other sides about. Kerry, the magazine said, was aware of the risks but he wanted results and personal conversations were more important to him than concerns from his security advisers.

The magazine said that Israel and the State Department in Washington had no comment on their report.

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  1. Why does Obama goes out of his way to help Muslims and illegals and then lies and misleads Americans. We need a leader like that like we need a gut full of pinworms.
    We have a scandal a day IRS, NSA, VA, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, etc etc.

    many linked to Obama and the WH targeting and spying on conservatives.

    We are 18 trillion in debt with reckless spending with zero due diligence.

    Our economy still stinks with the slowest recover in history even after Obama spending trillions in failed stimulus 3 times what Bush spent.

    Full time jobs are now part time jobs,

    We are called regulation nation with hundreds of useless agencies burdening our businesses with thousands of paralyzing regulations every week to keep themselves
    relevant and in business and nobody in this administration is watching them because the basically can’t read and are too busy going on vacations.

    We are being taxed to death paying for entitlements to illegals who don’t even belong here while our entitlements are diminishing and running out of funds little by little to
    support people who break our laws and uses wars against terrorists only to retreat and give them back all we gained such as in Iraq. Bush won the war and Obama lost it.

  2. On June 5, 2005, WMR followed-up its story of Israeli spying at NSA: “Veterans of the RCA-NSA-Israeli joint SIGINT program code named DINDI report that Israeli engineer spies used the carve out contract with NSA, through RCA, to gain access to NSA and U.S. Navy secrets. In an RCA facility in Mount Laurel, NJ, the Israeli engineers had their own secured lab, and for three years that DINDI ran, they were walking out with their briefcases loaded with equipment, including scopes. When RCA engineers finally gained access to their lab, they found the prints laid out for the Trident missile system. RCA had an ongoing contract top develop the Trident communications suite at the time of the security leak. The Israeli engineers on DINDI claimed they were from the Israeli Air Force but months later, an RCA engineer was in New York and he ran into the same Israelis, but they were wearing Israeli Navy uniforms. One ex-RCA engineer commented about the DINDI Israeli spies: ‘They were all a nice bunch of guys, even when they had their hands in your pockets.”
    Wayne Madsen Report

  3. I find this totally amusing since the U.S. spies on everyone on the planet including its own citizens. You can really see that AP, Reuter’s and all the rest of the controlled media in the world are in a full court press to make Israel look like the bad guys in this latest Gaza war. I am not Jewish and I am not necessarily some big fan of Israel. They are not without fault in the ways things are going in the middle east. But how can a citizen of any other country of the world blame them for fighting Hamas? What are they supposed to do? Hamas has fired now 3-4 thousand rockets and missiles into Israeli neighborhoods. They hide weapons in schools. They fire missiles from the roofs of hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods. They do not wear uniforms and have no overt military assets, like tanks and planes. That are fighting a guerrilla war from one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. What exactly is Israel to do? Hamas is well financed by the Saudis, Iranians, Qatar and the King of Jordan to name but a few of its sponsors. Hamas is purposefully using civilians as human shields to create a horror for the Palestinians and to have the world react exactly how the world is reacting. Making Israel look like the aggressor and Israel look like the bad guy. That is just not a fair assessment. Few countries of any means would put up with a terrorist organization located on its border waging war.

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