Lorena Rojas

Lorena RojasAfter facing a tough battle against cancer for several years, Mexican actress Lorena Rojas died on Monday in Miami. She was 44.

The news was announced in the afternoon by her talent agency LatinWE management via a press release, which included the following statement:

Lorena, who bravely defied the disease in different stages since 2008, gave her last breath peacefully in her home, surrounded by the love of her family members, her boyfriend and her closest friends.
Seydi Lorena Rojas González was born on February 10, 1971 in Mexico City. Last Tuesday, Rojas celebrated her 44th birthday and through Twitter she thanked her fans for celebrating the occasion with her and for giving her a “beautiful day.” It was her last tweet.

For several years, Lorena Rojas worked in various telenovelas in her native country, both for the Televisa network and TV Azteca. One of her greatest works on stage was as the protagonist of the musical “Aventurera.”

In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and since then began to collaborate with various causes related to bringing awareness to the disease, even becoming a ambassador for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help cancer patients around the world.

The actress, who resided in Miami for several years, revealed a few months ago that she had been diagnosed with liver cancer. According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the disease was the cause of her death.

The actress is survived by her daughter Luciana, who according to the press release, is now under custody of her aunt Mayra Rojas, who is also an actress, and her adoptive father, as Rojas herself had planned.

At the request of Rojas’ family, the company that represented the actress for years has asked that the media respect “her loved ones’ need for privacy during this very painful moment.”

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