West Nile Virus Found

West Nile VirusOfficials at the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District have announced the first positive West Nile virus tests within the Villages of Winnetka and Northfield.

A pool of mosquitoes collected from NSMAD traps in Winnetka on July 28 tested positive for the virus in the District’s lab on July 29.

Additionally, a pool of mosquitoes collected from traps in Northfield on July 30, tested positive for the virus on Aug. 1.

Each positive test sample will be sent to the Illinois Natural History Survey for additional testing.

With temperatures predicted to rise in the Chicago area, NSMAD officials are asking residents to take proper precautions in protecting themselves from mosquito bites.

“Warmer temperatures will increase mosquito activity in the evenings and mornings,” said NSMAD Communications Manager Dave Zazra. “The Culex mosquito, which can carry West Nile, tend to reside in areas of heavy vegetation and foliage. When they’re disturbed they will fly out and bite.”

Zazra recommends wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing that covers as much skin as possible, and wearing mosquito repellent on exposed skin.

Residents can help prevent the spread of mosquitoes by checking their property for any type of container that may hold standing water and pouring it out.

“If it can hold water it can breed mosquitoes,” Zazra said. “Either dump that water or dump that container.”

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